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Wireless Sensor Network
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The Fastest Way to Cloud-enable Anything

Open software developer kits, developer consoles, and open APIs mean any Internet-connected product can join and cooperate.

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Bring Your Gadgets To The Party

With over 154 open APIs, 249 total APIs, and 84 man-years of architecture and developement, the Ensemble software suite is arguably the most open and comprehensive connected home and building cloud software available today. Its connectivity software, Presto, is availble free.

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Device Agnostic. Protocol Agnostic.

With Presto, devices from different manufacturers speaking different physical protocols can actually connect and cooperate with each other. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. ZigBee. Z- Wave. Power line. Sub-1GHz. Proprietary. It doesn’t matter.


After all, everything ends up converging to one protocol anyway: the Internet Protocol.

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Like A Banking Website

Presto features 2048-bit SSL and optional bi- directional device authentication. Sensitive content is encrypted with AES-128 and managed using the same security practices as storing credit card information. Passwords are hashed, and user accounts are accessed with cryptographic tokens.

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Natural Language Rules. Automatic Peace Of Mind.

With a mobile-friendly natural language rules engine with selectable installation scenarios, products behave exactly how users expect. Things happen almost magically. Experience the feeling of peace of mind.

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The App Store For The Internet Of Everything

Apps aren’t just for mobile. With the ability to learn, act, and communicate, the apps of the future will run in the background of your life, 24/7, as services.


Add features to gadgets that manufacturers never dreamed, create analytics that makes sense of vast and complex real-time data, and differentiate your services from everyone else.

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