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About Us

Join us on this journey.

Why Gem Power?

What is Gem Power’s value proposition to Service Providers and Manufacturer’s in the Internet of Things?


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We have the privilege to be working with partner companies that span the gamut from software, hardware, instrumentation and services.


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Why GemPower?


Multiple revenue streams: Expand your company’s top-line growth with compelling, innovative new value-add services. We’re not just a software company. We offer a proven, refined mobile platform to deliver your Internet of Things (IoT) services.


Highly popular: People Power already has over 1.3M devices registered with Ensemble, and a 3.75% conversion to our paid service. We are ranked with the top 0.1% of revenue-generating apps on the U.S. Apple App Store (AppAnnie.com).


Flexible business model and open platform: Our goal is to help you serve your customers better. Our B2B2C business model and flexible and adaptable IoT suite integrates with your company’s needs and vision of IoT. Our entire cloud infrastructure was designed for a true mobile-first experience. Everything today is mobile. We are on iOS, Android and web. Our white-label capabilities means you are able to drive new value into your company’s brand, with a proven turn-key solution. Our suite is fully localizable, allowing you to expand globally while knowing your products can fit into any market.

Time-to-market advantage: The Internet of Things is exploding. Get ahead of your competitors now! There is not enough time to build. Go sell! Thanks to our “top-down” approach, we ensure your products will be purchased quickly, again and again, through upsells via grassroots word-of-mouth popularity. There are no overhead or costs for expensive truck rolls or technicians, we enable easily “sellable” services to the masses. Our freemium model enables you to capture your audience quickly and have them fall in love with your services with upsells available to generate recurring revenue.


Market stability and increased competitiveness: Keep the customers you have – don’t let the competition take them. Reduce cost through reduced churn and increased ARPU (average revenue per user.) We are proven, through references, constant national and local news coverage, and a series of awards, that let’s you know it’s not just about connectivity, It’s about making money! We’re not just enabling any services, we are tackling the hottest pain points for today’s market and tomorrow’s – Security, Energy & Health Care.


In addition, we are the creator of the U.S. government’s Green Button initiative (http://greenbuttondata.org), allowing customers free access to their utility energy data. We are also the first and only freemium model for IoT. Our partners give you confidence that we have a scalable solution as they include some of the largest manufacturers in the world.


Our SaaS approach to IoT allows you to focus on what you do best as a company. Invest your time and money into sales and marketing, as well as better products and services, and not on IoT apps and technology. In addition, most IoT devices just do data because video is just so difficult. We have one of the most popular video apps on the entire App Store, and we make it easy for you to integrate real-time video into your own IoT solution!




Founded by a team of seasoned technology experts, and with offices in Silicon Valley and Taiwan, their mission is to deliver innovative and economical IoT energy management solutions to industrial clients around the world.


Blue Line Innovations


Blue Line Innovations is the creator of the PowerCost Monitor, a product line of wireless, portable, real-time energy reporting devices for the home and small business. What makes Blue Line unique is its simple, accurate and patent-protected universal optical sensor. Proven in the market and a difference maker, Blue Line Innovations has worked with over 140 utilities since 2004 and now has more than 325,000 homes using their products. And, naturally, People Power’s mobile app Presence integrates a high-degree of functionality and user engagement capabilities for those who use Blue Line products.


Broadband Networks AG


Based in Urdorf, Switzerland and founded in 2002, Broadband Networks is a pioneering company involved in the design and development of state-of-the-art broadband access to network infrastructure. Reliability, consistency and independence are at the heart of everything they do.




Founded in 1997, Centralite Systems is known for their software, hardware, and interface expertise. The company manufactures an ecosystem of reliable, wirelessly connected devices distributed and installed throughout the US and in some 50 countries worldwide.


EWIG Group


EWIG is a top tier electronics manufacturer based in Hong Kong. They specialize in home security, home automation and industrial solutions with a manufacturing facility in China that was founded in 1981. They develop high quality power efficient long range smart control devices for homes and offices worldwide. People Power is delighted to partner with Ewig to give the best connected home experience on from our Presence app.


H&D Wireless


Based in Norgegatan, Sweden, H&D Wireless is a world-class smart energy management company that provides easy wireless data access to Internet-connected devices and smartphones. Their solutions are deemed best-in-class and market leading in terms of solution size, power consumption in all modes, transmit/receive range, data transfer speed and cost. People Power and H&D Wireless are exploring solutions that with combined efforts solve end-user challenges for new connected mobile lifestyles.


In-O-Vate Technologies


Based in Jupiter, FL, In-O-Vate Technologies provides design and manufacturing of innovative products for safer, more efficient clothes dryer venting. Since 2001, the homebuilding industry has benefited from In-O-Vate’s commitment to quality and service.




Lark-Wi is focused on the design and manufacturing of cloud-controlled smart lock products, and recently launched the world’s first smart lock with an integrated color camera and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities.




RWE International SE (innogy) is one of the leading European energy companies. The focus of innogy’s activities is based on offering existing and potential customers innovative and sustainable products and services that enable them to use energy more efficiently and improve their quality of life.




Monster is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance cables that connect home and professional audio/video components and is a world leader in power conditioning and surge protection products. As Monster’s strategic software partner, People Power created an award-winning mobile application that can monitor and control Monster Central devices from anywhere. That app is Presence, and together with Monster Central smart plugs, consumers can control their energy use from a smartphone or a tablet. Monster Central smart plugs are available in the Presence store.




Located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking Silicon Valley, Motrr is the maker of the revolutionary product Gallileo. This robotically controlled iPhone stand delivers a 360-degree remote viewing experience from another iOS device with Presence. Fueled by a talented team with extensive mechanical design, product design, and software development experience, Motrr is passionate about the products they make. The Galileo product is available in the Presence store.


Nextek Power Systems


Nextek Power Systems is a Detroit, Michigan based technology company dedicated to providing users the ability to save energy. Their systems leverage high-efficiency power converters and smart controls to optimize energy usage while drawing power from renewables, batteries and the grid.




Qblinks undertakes exploration into the world of wearable and smartphone-centric Internet of Things products, with their design and development all done in-house. Their highly motivated development team is located in Taiwan, with a distribution center in Santa Ana, California.




Qorvo makes a better world possible by providing innovative RF solutions at the center of connectivity. They combine product and technology leadership, systems-level expertise and global manufacturing scale to quickly solve the most complex technical challenges.


Revolve Robotics


Revolve Robotics is a San Francisco based start-up company who developed the remarkable product KUBI, a Presence-controlled robotic iPad stand that allows people to control a 300-degree view of remote environments of their choice – all from an iPad, using the integrated video camera. Together with the motion detection features of Presence, and the expanded features of Presence Pro Video, users can create a highly-integrated security and monitoring system with Revolve Robitics’ KUBI, available in the Presence store.


Remote Solution


Remote Solution is a leading electronics manufacturer of home automation and control solutions, based in Gimcheon, South Korea and founded twenty years ago. They serve markets around the world with high-quality consumer products. With considerable experience in the development of intelligently controlled devices for the modern home or office, their commitment is aimed at remarkable solutions that remotely enable smart home lifestyles. People Power is happy to partner with Remote Solution to enable smart home control of their products from the mobile app, Presence.




This solution provider focuses on electricity and water management – the two main sources of energy used around the home, farms or buildings with a broad range of products include lighting, irrigation, heating/cooling, sensors, hot water management, disaster mitigation and pool control.




An IOT+ (internet of things and beyond) company that embraces family, health and education which creates products and services to help improve the quality of life of users and those closest to them. Their product designs invoke behavior modifications through meaningful interaction that result in better outcomes.


Twoway Communications


A leading manufacturer of high performance broadband amplifier products, optical nodes and head end optronics for the cable television and telecommunications industries. Headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan with international offices in the U.S., Vietnam, Thailand, Chile and China, they help improve the resiliency and utility of the HFC network for the next wave of advanced services.




Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Energy Inc.’s commitment to helping consumers and businesses measure and save on their electric consumption is recognized throughout the industry as best-in-class. As a People Power partner, a compelling solution is made available through the integration of their TED Pro Home product and People Power’s mobile app, Presence. All of Energy Inc.’s design, engineering, tech support, marketing and operations happen in one highly-integrated location. They are passionate about delivering solutions that expand the horizons of energy detection and management. After all, “TED” stands for The Energy Detective.




Volansys is an innovative product design and engineering services company that partners with People Power, and provides high-quality solutions and services from initial concept stage to prototyping, through final production. With a unique expertise in embedded systems, mobility and cloud, Volansys aspires to be a niche service provider to IoT companies. Volansys offers professional design and validation services including software development, customizable product design, IP in domains like connectivity, communication, digital entertainment, smart energy, IoT, mobile and cloud computing.