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Multi-function Smart Home Kit


Starting from HOME:
Connecting the Last Mile to PEOPLE


IOT Challenges


IOT Software Platform Suite
for quick TTM Deployment


People Power + Stanford ChangeLabs
Applied research for sustainable services


Smart Energy Services: IOT Saving Money via behavior change


IOT solving real challenges in people’s daily life


Open Interconnect Consortium


Scalable Quick Time-to-Market Approach


Here’s how we can help you

Service Providers

Our award-winning Ensemble suite is designed to generate recurring revenues. You don’t have to trust us on this, the proof is in the numbers. We’re in the top 0.1% of revenue generating apps on the app store. Our white-label ready software is ready to help you generate additional ARPU while reducing churn.

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Hardware and device manufacturers, partnering with our world-class software engineering talent, have created brand-building solutions that are being delivered across the globe. Our suite helps manufacturers connect with their customers, and support, maintain and upgrade their products and solutions.

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Resellers are inspired to provide their target markets with compelling products and services based on our customizable Ensemble suite. Distributors and systems integrators love our open APIs and easy-to-use mobile apps, enabling them to create novel solutions for specific verticals.
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Service Providers


  • Telco & Cable Providers (ISP, MSOs, Wireless, etc)
  • Utilities (IoU, Munis, Co-Ops)
  • Consumer Services
  • Commercial Services (Building mgmt companies, real estate, etc)
  • Community Services (Health care, mixed-used buildings, etc)

What expertise does People Power have in the Service Provider Sector?

Our management team is made up of veterans from Bitfone, a mobile device management company that provided over-the-air firmware updates for mobile device manufacturers, as well as telcos and service providers. Bitfone’s technology has been deployed in over 300,000,000 phones, and its carrier-grade device management cloud services were deployed by the largest carriers in the world, including China Mobile and China Unicom. Our expertise in building scalable, secure, server-based software is based on the proven architecture developed by Bitfone.

What does People Power provide for Service Providers?

Service providers who want to provide home security or home healthcare can use Ensemble to provide consumer engagement. Ensemble has sophisticated home security features, video monitoring, and multiple device control. The expansive feature set of our Presence app is due to Ensemble. It enables secure carrier-grade solutions that can help service providers implement healthcare and other solutions that realize their goals of connecting people to essential information while integrating with any existing connected platform.


Ensemble seamlessly connects multiple physical, software, and cloud-to-cloud protocols from 3rd party providers to deliver real-time big data analytics, community and trusted social networking to our dynamically expandable presentation layer. Our unified connectivity layer converges the languages spoken by connected products, enabling cross-manufacturer compatibility. As a result, end users have access to a single app to manage all their connected devices.


Our open source C-based SDK is available to drop into connected devices, gateways, set-top boxes, and routers. Most developers and manufacturers are able to connect their devices to mobile apps in a single day, no matter which physical protocol they prefer.

What benefits can Service Providers obtain?

Lower Support Costs: Ensemble has a tier-1 technical support module to find and fix problems, enabling more effective customer support at a lower cost.


Easier Device Management: Ensemble enables service providers to manage devices in the field.


Better Engagement: Ensemble is designed to engage communities, communicate directly with users and groups and induce large-scale transformational behavior change. We’ve worked closely with Stanford ChangeLabs and other psychologists to design the behavior changing mechanisms found within our suite.


Residential and Business Value: Ensemble can manage thousands of devices simultaneously across a building or campus, with role-based access control and location identification of connected devices.

Learn how to become a registered service provider.



  • Device Manufacturers
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Semiconductor Manufacturers

What expertise does People Power have in the Manufacturing Sector?

Our management team is made up of veterans from Bitfone, a mobile device management company that defined the global standard for mobile phone over-the-air firmware updates, delivering the technology in over 300,000,000 devices. Bitfone also created the largest device management cloud service in the world to manage hundreds of millions of mobile devices from administrative consoles. In addition, our team members have previously created many manufacturing reference designs, ranging from systems-on-chip (SOCs) to developer boards and finished devices. We also have hardware manufacturing and embedded expertise ranging from extremely low power wireless mesh networking to robotics, and have worked closely with manufacturers to reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) and other costs associated with successfully delivering novel products.

What does People Power provide for Manufacturers?

The Internet of Things is poised for explosive growth, and new products must be connected to remain relevant in this rapidly moving economy. What most companies don’t realize is the Internet of Things is actually represented by a massive stack of hardware and software services combined – from chips, gadgets, hardware protocols, software protocols, cloud connectivity, analytics, social networking, and mobile presentation layers. It isn’t just about things, the next phase of the Internet is about the intersection of connected people with their connected things. And for end users, the Internet of Things is simply perceived as new features they can add to their smartphones. The gadgets matter, but only if they can be enabled with software that can create useful, sticky, and groundbreaking services for people.


Approaching the Internet of Things from chips and gadgets on up is a daunting task, faced by all manufacturers. Even the largest manufacturers struggle with identifying the best strategy. We make it easy, because we’ve already taken care of the upper layers of the stack, from the people on down. We meet manufacturers in the middle, sometimes at the cloud connectivity layer and other times in the real-time big data analytics, social networking, or presentation layers. All our technology is white-label ready. No manufacturer in the world has been able to come close to the features and functionality packed into our comprehensive software suite.


Manufacturers use our free developer console at http://fabrux.peoplepowerco.com to quickly connect devices. With our open APIs and open source SDK reference code, many manufacturers report taking about one day to connect and expose gadgets through our cloud and mobile apps, using any physical protocols they like.

What benefits can Manufacturers obtain?

Lower Support Costs: Ensemble has a tier-1 technical support module to find and fix problems, enabling more effective customer support at a lower cost.


Easier Device Management: Ensemble enables manufacturers to manage devices in the field.


Better Engagement: Ensemble is designed to engage communities and influence large-scale behavior change.


Residential and Business Value: Ensemble can manage hundreds of devices simultaneously across a building or campus.

What benefits can Manufacturers obtain?

  • We offer open RESTful API’s to send measurements and receive commands. Check out http://docs.fabruxdevices.apiary.io.
  • We can also create connectors on our cloud to speak your protocol, especially if you’re already shipping. We’ve previously connected with proprietary UDP, TCP, and HTTP-based protocols from various manufacturers.
  • Ensemble supports websockets, as well as RTMPS / RTSP video streaming protocols.
  • Our open APIs support both JSON and XML, it’s your choice.
    Data streams are bi-directional and with very low throughput, usually less than 50 bytes per minute.
  • NAT and firewall penetration.
  • Synchronization in 0.25 – 0.50 second latency.
  • Online and Offline recognition of devices and people.
  • Automatic data correction and filters help fix problems with data automatically.
  • Vector measurements with Hot, Medium, and Cold bucket data, for maximum database scalability and efficiency.
  • 2048-bit SSL encryption and bi-directional authentication, stronger than connecting with banking websites.
  • Manage dropped connections and reliably deliver missed messages.
  • Ability to marshal message delivery to low capability and low memory devices.
  • Broadcast and unicast messaging, sharing a single pipe from a gateway proxy amongst multiple end devices.
  • Capture, encrypt, and store large files using the same style of security and encryption as is used with storing credit card information.
  • Subscribe and notify connectivity allows for cloud-to-cloud integrations, forming a single cloud by combining two cloud services.
  • Easiest out-of-box experience reference designs.

 Learn how to become a registered manufacturer.



  • VARs
  • Distributors
  • System Integrators
  • Agents

What expertise does People Power have for Resellers?

We have provided white-labeled solutions to customers around the world who distribute software along with hardware, systems and services. In addition, we have successfully worked with systems integrators and resellers who can customize our solution into their own proprietary products and services. We provide distributors and resellers with an opportunity to generate significant revenue into their selected markets by selling our software, either standalone or as part of a bundled package combining software and hardware together.

What does People Power provide for Resellers?

We provide resellers with access to our Ensemble suite of cloud-based software that can be combined and customized with third-party software or hardware to make compelling solutions that meet specific market needs. With Ensemble, resellers can optimize service, reduce support costs, and increase revenue via service warranties and upsells, while utilizing online media to create communities that act as ‘brand ambassadors’ for their products.Ensemble also enables trusted, secure enterprise-class solutions that can help resellers implement consumer product solutions that realize their goals of connecting people to essential information and services.

Ensemble connects multiple physical and software protocols and has cloud-to-cloud integrations to deliver analytics, social networking and presentation layers on top of service provider cloud connectivity platforms. The unified connectivity layer converges the languages spoken by connected products into a single language, to share context and communications. An open source C-based SDK is available to drop in connected end-devices, gateways, set-top boxes, and routers to bring instant connectivity.

What benefits can Resellers obtain?

Easily Launch IoT Solutions: Ensemble enables resellers to create white-labeled or packaged solutions for smart home, smart energy or smart security solutions.


Customization for Specific Target Markets: Our open APIs, easily customizable and localizable mobile app, and integration with third-party hardware and software, allow distributors, agents and partners to identify specific “blue-ocean” markets in their target geographies for which they can rapidly deploy revenue-generating solutions.


Industry-Specific or Country-Specific Solutions: Ensemble has been built from the ground-up to address global markets, including fast-growing emerging markets and industries that traditionally have not been able to provide their customers with mobile apps, such as buildings, insurance, real-estate, to rapidly and easily provide their customers with the type of solutions that users have come to expect.

Check out our Global Reseller Program.